An industrial gripper for manufacturing and sorting
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SoftGripper - Perfect for Hygienic Applications

The SoftGripper is an ideal gripping solution for hygienic applications in the food industry. With its soft, flexible surface, it is able to grip food securely without damaging it. It is also easy to clean, thus contributing to compliance with hygiene regulations. In our whitepaper section, you can find more information on possible applications of the SoftGripper in robotics. Among other things, we have presented the use of SoftGrippers in handling meat products, in modern bakeries, as well as the development of specialized gripping solutions on customer request: To further improve hygiene, we also offer hygienic versions of the SoftGripper. These are specifically designed for use in the food industry and meet all relevant hygiene standards. Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of SoftGripping and the use of SoftGrippers in the food industry.

Bakery Application

Handling Meat Products

SoftGripper in Action