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SoftActuators - The key to automation

We supply the SoftActuators, you choose the shape of your base. Whether you prefer aluminum construction profiles or curved plates, they are manufactured to fit. Our proven pneumatically driven fingers are made of FDA-approved silicone rubber with a service life of more than 10 million cycles. You can mount them on any EOAT setup without the need for a special base. Our SoftActuators are hygienically designed and easy to clean.

GorillaFinger SoftActuator - For mesh, large and heavy objects

Our GorillaFingers are ideal for handling netted goods, such as 2.5 kg bags of: Potatoes, carrots or even apples. Furthermore, the large and wide fingers allow you to gently grip pasta due to their large surface area. We have prepared a whitepaper series for you to learn how to use the GorillaFingers! Here are a few examples:
Apple bag Potato bag
Robotergreifer für Apfelsäcke Roboter Fingergreifer für Kartoffelsäcke

Use cases:
  • For engineers who want to build their own EOAT.
  • For a large variety of objects
  • For easy adaptation when gripping objects change
  • In setups for easy prototyping
  • For determining the optimal dimensions of a stationary system

If you need something special, like 4 or more fingers or actuators with larger or smaller finger spacing, just contact us, we will build it for you within 2 weeks.

For more details, please check the product page for SoftActuators.

GorillaFinger SoftGripper in action


Comparison to the HumanFinger SoftActuator

Compared to our smaller finger size, the GorillaFingers are for larger and heavier objects. In addition to net goods, cabbages, bottles and melons are good targets for this finger shape. 
Here is a series of pictures that create a size comparison:

Photo: Big finger grippers compared to standard series Big finger grippers compared to six-finger grippers Photo: Gorilla finger grippers compared to standard series Large robot grippers and a small finger gripper A GorillaFinger gripper next to a small parts gripper